Plate of Pasta with hand sprinkling cheese over the top


We are open 8am-4pm for coffee and food. We serve an all day brunch menu and a selection of pastas which change on a weekly basis. We use seasonal ingredients for the recipes we bring to you. Send an email to Chao at to reserve a table or use our reservation system from the main navigation menu.

Plate of Pasta with hand sprinkling cheese over the top


For classical concerts, chef Matt Parkinson matches creative culinary ideas with the music, presenting different pairings and influences every week. Menu information is available within each concert page two weeks before the concert. Get in touch to know more and to ask about allergies or dietary requirements. Vegetarian and vegan options are available but need to be chosen ahead.

Jazz Mondays

Sip your signature cocktail with small bites or a hot dish while you relax hearing jazz in the background. A great option to spend a Monday evening in town.

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