Samson Tsoy

Samson Tsoy

“Watching Tsoy play was like watching a fearless Formula One driver taking a car round chicane after chicane.” (Andrew Marr, The New Statesman)

Pianist Samson Tsoy is a great believer in the importance of establishing meaningful ways to venture outside of the familiar and conservative. In that relation, his recent projects include a collaboration with legendary American artist Richard Serra, and two Brahms piano concerti in one evening with the Philharmonia Orchestra and Maxim Emelyanychev at the former car-park in South East London. Praised as “Herculean soloist” by The Observer his performances were named as best of 2020&2021 in The Guardian and The Arts Desk.

Samson Tsoy is a co-founder of the Ragged Music Festival. In just a few years of it’s existence, the Festival earned highly prestigious nomination for the South Bank Sky Arts Award, the only event in the world to celebrate every art genre, and in April 2023 it will go on tour to the Muziekgebouw-Amsterdam.

Samson Tsoy regularly performs in the most prestigious venues and festivals around the world. He was born in Kazakhstan in a family of 8 generations of acupuncturists to a Korean father and Russian Jewish mother and he moved to the United Kingdom in 2011.

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