The authentic classical music experience

Fidelio is an artistic project that brings together the magic of great music and authentic culinary creations into an informal, friendly and captivating environment. Recreating the atmosphere of the European early twentieth century salons, the Fidelio Cafe on Clerkenwell Road in London hosts the world’s most accomplished artists and emerging talent to create memorable experiences centred around classical music and great food.

The Fidelio project challenges the traditional approach to classical music performance and presentation. Our aim is to break down the barriers around classical music by centring the experience on the profound human connection which arises by bringing artists and audience together in closer proximity. Our vision is to create a dynamic community of enthusiasts, promoting music for its ability to bring people together over meaningful experiences.

Above shot of customers and pianist performing at Fidelio cafe

Music: formats and offering

The Fidelio Cafe operates as coffeeshop and restaurant Monday to Friday 8am-4pm. Our coffee is a blend supplied by Catalyst Roasters and we serve it along a dynamic offer of breakfast and lunch prepared with fresh seasonal ingredients.

Fidelio’s sexiest dish is the classical dinner-concert series. One hour concerts by the worlds best classical musicians followed by three course menus curated for each programme. Alongside the established concert + dinner package, we offer a music + drink only package at a bargain price. Check our events calendar for programmes and tickets.

Fidelio Cafe also hosts a number of live jazz sessions accompanied by small plates and a list of classic cocktails in its underground bar. Tickets and info are available on our What’s On.

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